Friend Me And Win A Free Book!


Bryna and I are in a heated competition to have more friends on Facebook. I don’t believe she’s aware of the battle. But that only works to my advantage. Especially because she’s much more popular than me.

I spotted her 30+ friends and about five months but I’ve come on strong recently. I’m up to 78 friends (I had no clue I even knew that many people) and she has…let me go check…only 62! Hey, Bryna, in your Face!(book).

That’s definitely going to come back to bite me but I’m assuming/hoping she doesn’t read my blog. I guess we’ll find out.

To encourage more people to friend me, I’ve decided to run a contest. My 100th friend will receive a free, signed copy of my book “What Size Are God’s Shoes.” But not just any copy. The copy that’s been sitting on the counter at Coffee Labs for the past couple of months. The one that’s now dog-eared with coffee stains. The one they can’t possibly sell. Did I mention that it’s a first edition? I’ll even throw in free shipping and handling; unless my 100th friend happens to live outside of the United States. With this global internet thing, you never know.

So, friend me and perhaps you’ll win a free book that you couldn’t possibly re-gift. We all win. Except Bryna.

4 Comments on “Friend Me And Win A Free Book!”

  1. Fr. Patrick Ward says:

    Your are Pathetic!!

  2. Father Tim says:

    More than you know.

  3. […] please… The winner of the 100th Facebook Friend Award — mentioned in a previous post — goes to The Honorable James Haggerty. You think I’m kidding about the […]

  4. Bryna Rogers says:

    I DO read your blog, you know, and I check your updates on FaceBook. You are getting away with nothing!

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