We Have a Winner

Da Mayor

Da Mayor

The envelope please…

The winner of the 100th Facebook Friend Award — mentioned in a previous post — goes to The Honorable James Haggerty. You think I’m kidding about the “honorable” part but I’m not. Jim is the mayor of Kingston, Pennsylvania, and a former Army buddy of mine. Well, still a buddy and now an official “friend” but we met when we were both in Army ROTC at MIT.

Lest you think I actually went to MIT, let me clarify. Jim went to MIT (and later Georgetown Law). Our ROTC program included cadets from MIT, Tufts (my alma mater), Harvard, and Wellesley. An eclectic group of warriors to say the least.

But it’s appropriate in other ways: Jim’s a fellow Armor officer (tanks), we’ve been to a Jimmy Buffett concert together, and have shared a drink at the Florabama.

So, Jim, congratulations. If I had to rank my friends in order, you’d definitely be number 100. And more importantly, the dog-eared, coffee stained display copy of my book that’s been sitting near the register at Coffee Labs Roasters for the past several months will soon be in the mail. Autographed of course. And I’ll even pick up the $2.36 for postage.

For those of you who lost out, I’m sorry. I know this contest has been consuming your every thought over the last few days. You’ll have to buy the book on Amazon (cheap! $9.60!). Though if you’d like me to sign a piece of scrap paper I’m happy to do so. It’ll only cost you a cup of coffee.


5 Comments on “We Have a Winner”

  1. +clumber says:

    Tufts and MIT? Well I told the only MIT joke I know here. Unfortunately it’s an MIT/Harvard joke… are there any MIT/Tufts jokes? And you say “dog-eared” like it’s not the most lovely thing in the world… surely the canine bishops here in the Episcopal church would disagree with that! Possibly the feline bishop extraordinaire, +maya would be offended as well!

    I remain dog-eared and pointy hatted,

  2. Father Tim says:

    Of course there are no Tufts jokes. But that just feeds into our insecurities of playing second fiddle to those other two schools. Kind of like no one really hates the Mets. Anyway, I apologize for my insensitive dogist remark. It won’t happen again.

  3. me says:

    it’s hard to believe that one could buy a politician as a friend for $2.36 pus a dog-eared coffee stained book. but perhaps prices have come down during the recession. and you weren’t asking for a senate seat..

  4. Father Tim says:

    So true. No word yet on whether Caroline Kennedy is also seeking my “friendship.”

  5. +clumber says:

    +I don’t know what powers you have down there in B. Manor, but suddenly our cat has picked up a copy of your book from somewhere, along with Jane Redmont’s… I figure she’s planning some late Advent/Christmas/maybe into Epiphany spiritual quest…

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