Monday Madness #3

Monday Madness — February 13, 2012 from Forward Movement on Vimeo.

In this week’s version of Monday Madness, Scott and I talk about our “Celebrity Bloggers,” the apparent lack of viewer mail, and various other news and controversies surrounding Lent Madness 2012. Bryna even makes a surprise (ie. unplanned) guest appearance.

As Lent Madness draws ever closer, my video camera seems to get worse. Compared to Scott, I look ghost-like in this video. I may need to call in tech support or, as I like to call it, a teenager.

There’s some great stuff in this week’s edition of Monday Madness but, frankly, the video starts to drag a bit as we try to cover too much ground. If you do watch until the end you will be edified, entertained, and qualify for a special St. fill-in-the-blank medal. Enjoy.

Monday Madness #2

The best thing about the most recent “Monday Madness” conversation with Scott Gunn is that I look taller than he does on the split screen video. This is quite a feat for someone who, at 5’8″ is the same size as Danny Woodhead (last football reference of the season, I promise). My boys refer to Scott as “The Tallest Priest in the Episcopal Church.” And, at 6’6″, they are likely not far removed from the truth.

If you spend ten minutes watching the second installment of our Lent Madness buzz-building video (click here), you’ll hear us discuss some details about the 2012 bracket and, as a bonus, you’ll get a sneak peak at the newly available Lent Madness coffee mug.

Archnemesis Designation Given Up…for Lent

The problem with working with an archnemesis on a project like Lent Madness is that it makes it nearly impossible to feud in peace. While I derive great pleasure in one-upping Scott Gunn in all things priestly, professional, and personal (the “Three Ps” of archnemisary), I find myself having to be civil in matters related to the global domination of Lent Madness.

We have thus brought in a mediator named Solomon to help us work out an agreement. The statement below, which also appears on Scott’s blog, takes effect during and is binding throughout Lent. Fortunately, life will return to normal during the Great Vigil of Easter. 

Dateline: Somewhere between Hingham, MA and Cincinnati, OH.

“Be it known to all present, either bodily or online, that as of Ash Wednesday in the two thousand and twelfth year of our Lord, certain persons, of necessity in the present time, are hereby setting aside a designation of Archnemesis, and laying aside the enmity that has existed from the beginning, until the end of the Lenten Fast. Whereas, to cooperate on Lent Madness for the edification of all Christendom, Father Schenck and Father Gunn shall thereby set aside their feud until the New Fire is lit at the Great Vigil of Easter. After that, anything is possible.”

Talking (archnemesis) Heads

Yesterday, on a whim, Scott Gunn and I decided to tape a Skyped conversation about Lent Madness. In it we address the foremost question on everyone’s mind: How exactly do saints get chosen for Lent Madness? You’ll have to watch the video to find out (spoiler alert: a Ouija Board is involved).

I’m not sure why I look so pasty compared to Scott but I think superior technology has something to do with it. He has it and I don’t. Plus he has a bunch of faux books in the background to make him look smart. I just have a closed bathroom door and some 18th century moulding.

We’ve decided to record one of these every Monday — next week we’ll take a look and comment on the current bracket. This should give me plenty of time to get plastic surgery. Enjoy and don’t forget to head over to for complete details about this unique online Lenten devotion that’s sweeping the globe.

Monday Madness — January 30, 2012 from Forward Movement on Vimeo.

Lent Madness 2012: Bigger, Better, More

Now that Lent Madness has gone global, bordering on viral (and it’s not even Shrove Tuesday), I feel the need to explain why I’m partnering with my archnemesis this year. Scott Gunn has already offered his explanation, which is, naturally, filled with half-truths and slander. Fortunately, no one reads his blog.

What’s really happening here as I (hold my nose and) work with Scott is that I’m using him. Don’t tell anyone but unlike Scott, I’m not a former IBMer. So I’m using him for his technical expertise and geekery, both of which he has in spades. Oh, and the Forward Movement contact list.

Thus, you’ll note that Lent Madness now has its own website and you can “like” it on its own Facebook fan page. For bloggers and web page administrators you can even download a free Lent Madness widget. (Put it on your site! Don’t delay! Lent is coming!).

Tim ignoring what Scott is saying

Unlike the last two years I won’t be hosting Lent Madness here on my blog but rather over at the new site. And I’ve enlisted eight “celebrity” bloggers to do much of the writing. It’s an amazing group of writers! Check out their bios here.

I’m excited about this new approach and thank (gulp) Scott for joining me in the madness this year. Now in its third year, Lent Madness has a solid history, a growing fan base, and will continue to be an informative, fun Lenten devotion.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot the new slogan that Scott wouldn’t go for (party pooper): We put the ‘Damn’ in ‘Madness!’