O Advent Calendar

advent-calendarZack’s Advent Calendar has become Bryna’s to-do list. Not quite sure how this happened but every time he opens a window he proclaims that we must do whatever it is that appears. So on Saturday we had to hang our stockings. On Sunday we had to buy our tree (which fortunately coincided with our parish Christmas Tree sale). Today at breakfast he announced that we must “have mint.” Not sure what that means but we better get to it. I’m hoping there’s snow on the ground when he gets to that snowman otherwise we’re hosed.

I love the Advent Calendar. I’m not clear on the history — because I’m lazy and haven’t googled it. But it’s a great tradition and a wonderful way to mark down the shopping days until Christmas. Oh wait, I mean the days until we celebrate the birth of our Savior (I sometimes get these two confused).

In recent years we’ve seen the advent of the online Advent Calendar. When done well, these are terrific resources. The best ones have images, readings, and music. And in the true spirit of Christmas I’ve detected a not-so-subtle competition among those who post them (Link to mine! It’s the best one! The other ones are lame!).

So as a service to you, an Advent gift, I’ll share a few links. Granted posting an Advent Calendar on December 8th is like giving someone a new calendar in March. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

Here they are — handed picked and vetted by me in a labor of love: The Diocese of Maryland, Trinity Wall Street, The Diocese of Washington,  Full Homely Divinity, and The Diocese of West Texas (for the cowboy in each one of us). And if you know of any others, please do share them.

The only problem with online Advent Calendars? No candy when you open up the windows.


One Comment on “O Advent Calendar”

  1. Sarah Andre says:

    This is a beautiful Advent calendar! I am looking for one for the front cover of a book that we are working on publishing. Do you know who manufactured it?

    Thanks for your time and consideration!

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