By George

So after keeping us in suspense for a few days, the royal baby has finally been named: George. Actually there were a few other names attached to this but I’ve forgotten them. Two or three middle names seems to be a monarchy thing. As you’ll see below, I’ve done some research on William and Kate’s influences in coming up with the name. Oh, and just for the record, Americans don’t deal kindly with English kings named George. Just sayin’.


8 Comments on “By George”

  1. Scott Gunn says:

    Thanks for another quality blog post. You really pulled out all the stops with your writing skills on this one.

    Also, thanks for the shout out to my blog. You forgot only one other key influence. My dog is named George. Given the timing, I think it’s obvious that Bill and Kate were inspired.

  2. aleathia (Dolores) nicholson says:

    One of many things I admire about you is that your brain is simply not wired like the majority of us…ours? The late, great Peter Gomes, in explaining an old English hospitality custom, said when the king or queen come to visit, your home becomes theirs and either replaces you as the host. It was preferred that George not send his wife Mary because she’d take your best china,/place settings/sterling, whatever. Boy George? What a role model! Love this column. Glad the 2013 mug is out and as soon as I scrape up some ducats, the newly crowned Golden Halo winner, Frances P., my lesser preferred winner, will be mine!….well, her visage will be…as imprinted on the mug. You ..and thanks for brightening up my morning.

  3. Father Tim says:

    This is a kwal-i-tee post, Scott. You see, when people consider themselves bloggers they actually blog occasionally. Maybe if you blogged about your dog I would have included him in this list.

  4. marguerite says:

    But wbere is Saint George?

  5. Josh Mancini says:

    Did you just threaten pre-emptive war Fr. Tim? If so, can we choose our generals bracket style?

  6. linda maumus says:

    I wonder if the Presbyterians have this much fun?

  7. Alas, they’re predestined not to.

  8. Cathy Torrey says:

    My dad’s name was George. My cousin was named for him after my father died in active duty.

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