Cover Boy

130717-rolling-stone-cover-vmed-2p-522x710People around here (Boston) are livid about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s appearance as the cover boy on this month’s Rolling Stone magazine. He comes across looking like a teen heartthrob you’d see on the cover of Tiger Beat, complete with Armani shirt and rock star hair.

You can feel the anger and raw emotion emanating from Facebook, Twitter, and talk radio and Boston Mayor Tom Menino released an open letter to Rolling Stone. At best it’s a crass, clumsy attempt at PR — we’re all talking about it, after all, and when was the last time Rolling Stone was relevant? At worst it glorifies evil and retraumatizes the families and victim’s of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The reality is that this is nothing new. Evil has graced the cover of countless magazines over the years, including a previous issue of Rolling Stone. Our fascination with characters like the Unabomber and Charles Manson and the Boston Strangler drive this. Heck, in another era Judas might have been named Time’s Man of the Year.

None of which is to justify what Rolling Stone did — it’s not just the cover that irks people but the sympathetic portrayal of a terrorist. It’s simply to put all of this into context.

hitler-timecharles-manson-lifecolumbine-killers-timecharles-manson-rolling-stoneShah_NewsweekNewsweek Cover - [Osama bin Laden] The Hunt For bin Laden8_12_91_205x2731101800107_400


3 Comments on “Cover Boy”

  1. bill2xday says:

    I only read magazines for the articles – pay no attention to the pictures or covers!

  2. aleathia (Dolores) nicholson says:

    It passed it’s prime years ago when there were top-flight musicians with gigs all over town. Just an abundance of material since quite a few of them settled in New York. What if every town/city had affordable rent to discourage burglars

  3. Jean says:

    You express your distaste for the RS cover by posting previously published outrageous images of evil? Tit for Tat, Reverend? Your indignation lacks credibility, but stinks of an inappropriate attempt at cleverness. Your blog needs an editor.

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