Lent Madness: We Have a Winner!

With 99.9 % of the precincts reporting, CNN is projecting George Herbert as the winner of the first ever Lent Madness Golden Halo award. Moments ago Julian of Norwich gave her concession speech optimistically telling supporters “All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.” Clearly disappointed after a wildly successful campaign, Julian appeared to be putting on a brave face. She was last seen muttering mystically to her pet cat.

Herbert, on the other hand, was euphoric proclaiming, “Let all the world in every corner sing!” But only briefly. Seeking to maintain his saintly decorum he later told reporters, “I’m just a simple country parson.”

The final day of campaigning was tense, with Herbert clinging to a thin lead throughout the day. In the end, his hymnody prevailed over Julian’s visions. Nonetheless, all the pundits agree that this was quite an upset. Turnout was heavy among Anglican voters and this seems to have turned the tide for Herbert.

In the end George Herbert takes home the Golden Halo and the coveted “Holier Than Thou” title. He snuck past Julian by a mere four votes out of 116 cast. Congratulations to this 17th century priest and poet. To paraphrase one of his Julian and George’s colleagues, he has fought the good fight, he has finished the race, he has kept the faith.

To see the final bracket of Lent Madness 2010 click here: Lent Madness 2010. And thanks for your participation!

4 Comments on “Lent Madness: We Have a Winner!”

  1. Now just a dern minute!

    If there is .01% left, you have yet to count the votes of us eleven members of the Order of Julian of Norwich!

    We challenge the legitimacy of the election process (as everyone else seems to do these days). But, on the other hand, we don’t expect to WIN, because that would be uncontemplative!

    (Large smile)

  2. Carol Stone says:

    Kudos to the great tourney coordinator, the Good Father Schenck!

    This is an amazing array of people, stories and, uh, artwork. It is fascinating how folk I would envision as “top seeds” lost out so quickly: Peter and Joseph, especially. Then poor Richard Hooker and Absalom Jones faced overwhelmingly powerful opponents in very early rounds. So tough. Maybe they will have better luck in a future contest!

    Again, thank you for this fun. Blessings during This Week and a very Happy Easter.

    Carol Stone
    “Ways of the World” on The Geranium Farm

  3. Clearly those of us who are fans of Julian of Norwich were unable to herd enough cats to the voting button. All’s for the best, though. Had Julian gone up against Theresa, many of us would have had a compleat meltdown.

    Thanks for this romp during Lent. I know it was a LOT of work.

  4. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for hosting Lent Madness–what fun! And it was right, and a good and joyful thing, for an Anglican to take home the holy halo–this year, anyway. I’m already looking forward to next year’s bracket.

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