Lent Madness Redux

Now that Lent Madness 2010 is in the books, I suddenly find myself with more time on my hands. That’s a good thing since it appears to be Monday in Holy Week. I’ll be spending my “day off” writing sermons and proofing bulletins. I’m not complaining — that’s how I always spend Monday of Holy Week. And there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than taking this journey from the Cross to the Resurrection with a vibrant community of faith. Of course, I got the requisite Holy Week funeral phone call yesterday — adding that to the mix for Wednesday.

While I didn’t cast a single vote during Lent Madness, I admit that one was cast from the Schenck household. Our son Ben (who is actually a Benedict — named prior to the current pope!) did cast a vote for his namesake. To his chagrin, Benedict lost to runner-up Julian of Norwich in the Round of the Elate Eight.

All Saints', Briarcliff Manor

I admit I was slightly blown away by the interest in Lent Madness. It started on a whim and then I was suddenly knee deep saintly battles. My intention was to help people learn a bit about the saints — some well-known, some obscure — and to have some fun during Lent. Yes, we’re allowed to have fun during Lent. Especially when it’s coupled with learning.

So, if you’ll indulge me in one final vote, we’ll collectively determine whether we should do this again next year or let Lent Madness die on the vine. Any suggestions for improvements (if we decide to try it again with a new crop of saints) are welcome. Please leave comments.


7 Comments on “Lent Madness Redux”

  1. Already the complaints begin: why didn’t you allow for multiple answers? Yes, you should do this again but I HAD to vote for the mob-run gambling ring option, too.

    Lent Madness is one of the most creative, delightful, smartest teaching devices I’ve ever encountered. And I know it was a HUGE amount of work. Maybe gather a team together? Distribute the writing (swiping from other sites) effort? While you still remember, make up a list of everything you had to do to make this work and consider what might be delegated.

    That noted, gotta say Lent Madness works because of your wit and whimsy. Don’t know that anyone else could quite articulate the saint-o-sphere the way you do. Golden Halo to you for that!

  2. revbranwen says:

    I voted to do this again, but perhaps the last choice (which currently has 33% of the votes!) would be a way for the Church to stay afloat financially. Not that there’s any shenanigans going on in the Church…

  3. revbranwen says:

    Hear, Hear! Meredith — you are so right!

  4. Josh Hale says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVED this. Need any help with the execution of next year’s event (mob-run or not!), just let me know!

  5. Vicki says:

    Love to do this again – I’ll start at the beginning next year. But where is the picture of Julian’s cat?

  6. Pixie Melfi says:

    Yes, do it again next year! Loved it… did learn a bit about the saints as well.

  7. bfelice says:

    Next year, please consider including some newbies to LFF from Holy Women, Holy Men.

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