Columbus (and his companions)

The large and ever-growing staff at Clergy Family Confidential ** decided it would be nice to mark Columbus Day in a positive manner. The explorer gets a bad rap these days for such minor trifles as spreading fatal diseases to native populations and taking credit for places long before “discovered.” So in the spirit of martyrs celebrated with their “companions” (see Perpetua, Constance, etc.) we thought we’d highlight Columbus and his Companions.

First, the man himself. What adventurer/visionary doesn’t spend hours as a child dreaming that one day a mid-sized city in Ohio will be named after him? Every child in America knows the year that Columbus sailed the ocean blue but only because he didn’t delay his trip until 1493.

St. Columba, one of the popular 6th century Celtic saints, also had a sea-faring adventure. In what may be the first reference to the Loch Ness Monster, it’s said that he once saved a swimmer from a monster in that body of water by making the sign of the cross.

Another one of Columbus’ companions might be the rumpled TV detective Columbo. By now you’ve seen that this post has nothing to do with anything but the similarity to Columbus’ name, the root “columb” meaning “take the day off and hold a parade.”

Columbia University may be in the internationally-reknowned Ivy League but it’s also made it into this post. Or at least the subway stop. If you miss New York, don’t worry — this is a scratch n’ sniff photo.

** By “large and ever-growing staff” I mean that I have rewarded myself with several new titles: along with writer I am now the executive producer of Clergy Family Confidential, director, key grip, stunt double, and best boy.

I hope you’re enjoying the day off (if you have a nice boss). I clearly need to get back to work first thing tomorrow.

5 Comments on “Columbus (and his companions)”

  1. Dave Clinton says:

    what day off?

  2. marguerite says:

    Columbia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of both my mother (also named Marguerite) and the Reverend Raymond Atlee my first rector. #whatcolumbusdaymeanstome

  3. campusmissioner says:

    You just crack me up!

  4. aleathia (Dolores) nicholson says:

    You realize that your expanded duties and responsibilities necessitate a raise in pay and benefits. I assume your vestry is in agreement. I also hope your bishop approves of your expanded duties. I agree with the campus missioner about being cracked up…..that is what he/she meant….isn’t it? Your pledges better be up there, your sermons A#1, and home/hospital visits right on target. From your faithful Tennessee admirer who is eagerly awaiting LENT MADNESS 2013.

  5. Valerie says:

    Loved this. Why can’t my my priests have a sense of humility and humor?

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