“…And all through the church…”

In parishes throughout the world there is a flurry of pre-Christmas Eve activity taking place this week. My own parish, St. John’s in Hingham, Massachusetts, is no different. Here are a few photos that highlight the unsung heroes of the whole operation — the parish administrators and sextons and musicians and altar guild members and assorted volunteers. May your own preparations go swimmingly and, as I constantly remind myself, our Lord’s arrival is not dependent upon whatever we do or fail to get done. Blessings, all.

Extra chairs await the throngs

That's not the way we've always done it!

Junior Choir practicing for the 4 pm "Zoocharist"

The real hero of the whole operation

The Organist -- sick as a dog on 12/22. Feel better Dr. Fred!

Occasionally we force the curate to leave so she can get Christmas shopping done

New 2 pm service added to 4, 7, and 11 pm.

Nowhere to lay their heads, for now

Taking pictures just avoids the inevitable -- I really need to finish that sermon

Please stop bringing us chocolate! (but we're open to good scotch)

How many bulletins to print? Check last year then add some.

How did the Magi do it without red poinsettias?

Parking detail ready for action

Semi-threatening notes from the parish administrator

Hundreds of "Candy Croziers" ready for the kids


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