Lent Madness: Perpetua vs. Vincent

The saintly kitsch-fest continues with Perpetua vs. Vincent of Saragossa. Now, this matchup might not seem fair since Perpetua is in many ways the queen of saintly kitsch while Vincent is clearly no St. Francis. Yet stranger things have happened in this unpredictable Lent Madness 2011.

In recent action C.S. Lewis manhandled Polycarp 62% to 38%. Click Lent Madness 2011 to view the updated tournament bracket. The Round of the Elate Eight continues tomorrow with Clare taking on William Tyndale.

Perpetua kicks things off with an image from an animated movie about her life. The image above is from the “Catholic Heroes” series. Anyone else think the leering prison guard cuts a dashing, yet fashionable figure all decked out in yellow?

Has it been a rough day? Perhaps the kids are driving you nuts. Are you stressed out about cranking out all those Holy Week sermons? (Am I projecting?) Why not kick back with a glass of Perpetua Chardonnay? Nothing takes the anxiety out of daily life quite like a glass of wine named after an early 2nd century martyr.

If you prefer to sip wine by candlelight, don’t forget to light this Perpetua candle. Any saint worth his or her weight in kitsch has a candle.

And finally, no playroom is complete without a wooden Perpetua doll. She gets along famously with Barbies, Power Rangers, and for those of a certain generation Weebles.

Things get a bit trickier with Vincent. As the patron saint of vintners there are St. Vincent Festivals held in various parts of Europe — notably France — where much wine is imbibed (in his honor, of course) and his statue is carried through the streets.

Not to be outdone by Perpetua chardonnay, you can drink Saint Vincent pinot noir from Burgundy. In fact, why not have a wine tasting in honor of Lent Madness today? It’s important to due your due diligence while considering your vote. Oh, you gave up wine for Lent? Never mind.

Vincent is associated with the raven as legend holds that after his martyrdom in the early 4th century, ravens protected his corpse.  Fortuitously, this fits in with my taste in football teams.


5 Comments on “Lent Madness: Perpetua vs. Vincent”

  1. Dorothee says:

    Perpetua even has her own font!

  2. Beth says:

    Perpetua is now destined to become the Patron saint of the Browns!

  3. Christine says:

    Had to vote for Vincent…his wine is red, and Perpetua apparently doesn’t need more votes.

  4. Tamsin Carlisle says:

    Ravens are renowned among birds for their intelligence. I’m voting the same way they did.

  5. A little late so the poll is closed, but I have to give my belated vote to St. Vincent simply because he’s my longtime personal patron saint, and also my confirmation saint (my confirmation name is Vicenta). 🙂

    BTW, don’t have anything really against Perpetua, but I have a loyalty to uphold here. Vincent’s been faithful to me. I’m returning the favor.

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