Slip Sliding Away

On Tuesday night Bryna, who had never broken a bone in her entire 38 years of life, fell while ice skating with Zack and broke both of her wrists. And while South Shore Hospital was running a two-for-one promotion on broken wrists, it was clearly not a great way to ring in the New Year. The right wrist will be in a cast for about eight weeks; the left for four weeks. We will of course get through this. But it’s not much fun and I’m pretty sure it will quickly get old for all involved.

While we haven’t emerged from our snowed-in shell today, we have received many kind words, offers of help, and prayers. There has even been promise of chocolate and bourbon. I’ll give Bryna the former but I think I’ll need the latter.

In the less than 24 hours since this happened, these are some of the lessons I’ve learned:

1. Bryna does not take kindly to be called a “cast off.”

2. Nor does she appreciate being referred to her as “Clubber Lang.”

3. For some reason my getting an extra straw to share her coffee is not viewed as romantic. 

4. Bryna thinks I’m a much better conversationalist when she’s on percoset.

5. Saying “At least you’re not a concert pianist” is lame consolation.

6. While she’s lying on the sofa with both arms elevated on pillows, jokes about the “casting couch” go over like a lead balloon.

I just finished hand-feeding her some pasta while watching Ricky Martin on Oprah. What’s frightening is that I doubt this will be the low point. But she’s been a trooper throughout this whole ordeal. Almost one day down…


3 Comments on “Slip Sliding Away”

  1. Solange De Santis says:

    I once thought of a Letterman Top Ten Things Not to Say While Your Wife is in Labor and number one was:

    “Honey, I feel your pain.”

    Tim, don’t go there, either.

  2. Sarah Brockmann says:

    you had better not deny her that bourbon if she wants it! SO very sorry to hear about her fix! what a mess! Let me know if she’d like tea (or something stronger) and sympathy…

  3. Mary-Frances Burjett says:

    I love this. I bet your house is fun!

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