Year in Review

Some interesting year-end statistics for you, dear reader of Clergy Family Confidential:

According to the site stats, this blog was viewed nearly 180,000 times in 2010 with 140 new posts. The top posts of the year were 1) Barbie Gets Religion 2) Vuvuzela vs. Shofar 3) Conventional Wisdom 4) RIP Captain Jack 5) Lent Madness: Julian of Norwich vs. Francis of Assisi.

This doesn’t quite tell the whole story, however, because the two most popular groupings of posts were Lent Madness and the Goose Gate series. Good stuff.

What does all of this tell me? I’m not sure. But when I started this blog in late 2007 I promised myself that if it started to become a burden, I’d stop blogging. It has yet to feel like anything but an outlet for spirituality, humor, and creativity. I’ve always viewed it as my “sketch pad,” a way to get some thoughts down and have some fun. It is not, of course, an official publication of my parish community. While many parishioners — current and former — read it, the blog is full of things I’d never proclaim from a pulpit or write for a newsletter. I’ve always thought that if God doesn’t have a sense of humor, I’m in big trouble. But the sapient reader can distinguish between satire and serious issues of faith. And, needless to say, they are not always mutually exclusive.

Thanks to all of you for regularly or occasionally checking in with Clergy Family Confidential. It keeps me from having to wonder “Is this thing on?”

Blessings for a healthy, fruitful, and Christ-filled 2011.



One Comment on “Year in Review”

  1. The Virtual Abbey says:

    I am, as you know, a fervent fan of your writing, which means I’m also a fervent fan of you and what the ways you make the world safe (and amusing) for people of faith. Write on!

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