What’s Good for the Goose

Goose Gate 2010 update:

It appears that the stink (no reference to goose poop) that we made over hunting on a public beach has paid off: the town suddenly “found” a by-law dating back to 2003 that makes it illegal to discharge a weapon on town property. The upshot is that hunting has now been banned on the Hingham Bathing Beach. Of course it’s vaguely disturbing that the police and town officials weren’t aware of this but I’m not going there.

It is still legal to hunt on public beaches in Massachusetts but not in Hingham. As I’ve stated before, I’m not opposed to hunting, I’m simply opposed to hunting in public areas that endanger the welfare of people, kids, and boaters. It’s a toxic juxtaposition. Having served in the military, I understand gun safety; but I also know that sometimes things go horribly awry. Why take that chance on a public beach when there are plenty of other places to hunt?

This victory in Hingham may well end up as a legal battle in the courts. Many of the hunting laws date back to colonial times and are, in my opinion, now outdated. Sure, it was legal to hunt in public places in the 1620s — there were few people around and how else would you put food on the table for your family? But we now have this innovative new thing called a grocery store.

If you’re interested in viewing the TV clips that aired last night here they are:

New England Cable News

WBZ Channel 4 (CBS)

In the meantime, I’ll hold off on ordering that bright orange chasuble.


2 Comments on “What’s Good for the Goose”

  1. Sarah Brockmann says:

    Hey, listen, if you can get the orange chasuble, I wouldn’t hesitate. They may declare open season on Episcopalians – or at least the clergy – after all that.

  2. Solange De Santis says:

    Does the man in the picture notice there are at least five Canada geese right there at his feet, practically within reach?

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