Rockin’ Out

George Thorogood

I went to a bona fide rock concert on Thursday night for the first time since…well, I can’t remember. My college roommate from Tufts flew in from Arkansas and we saw George Thorogood and the Destroyers at the Cohasset Music Circus. We had last seen Thorogood in 1991 when we were seniors and when I saw that he was playing in the next town over this summer, I knew what I had to do. I got in touch with Paul Jarvis — we hadn’t seen one another in 11 years — and told him that if he could get out here I’d get the tickets.

It was a great show. GT must be 60 by now but he can still rock it hard, playing his trademark slide guitar. And the venue was great — an intimate setting with perhaps 2,000 people. And, yes, I splurged for the premium seats. That’s at least one difference between the last time we saw him in a much larger arena — we were poor college students.

An Arkansan "Baptizes" his first lobster.

But the real treat was simply spending a few days with an old friend. Paul and I went through a lot together — we were in Army ROTC, we were fraternity brothers, we were roommates. We even squeezed in a drive out to Medford to walk around the campus and reminisce. It was amazing how many memories of long-forgotten adventures came flooding back to us both. Unfortunately our fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, was kicked off campus (after we graduated mind you). The house is still there but falling into disrepair even as it is occupied by another fraternity (heresy!).

Paul looking somber in front of our dilapidated fraternity house.

Paul’s visit was filled with laughter, lobster, stories, the beach, looking at old pictures, googling old acquaintances, and simply enjoying being together. Our wives were great — Lisa for letting Paul come out here alone and Bryna for putting up with our antics.

We’re both hoping that we won’t go nearly as long in-between visits this time. Life’s too precious to ignore such deep friendships. I find that they’re harder to forge as you get older. Between work and family — which I wouldn’t trade for anything — there’s just not as much time devoted to the shared experiences that are the bedrock of friendship. Another reminder of the importance of attending to the strong relationships we all have from past years.

In the words of George Thorogood, who begins each concert with this phrase, “How sweet it is!”


2 Comments on “Rockin’ Out”

  1. Bob Chapman says:

    If George Thorogood still looks that much like a rocker at age 60, I guess there is no reason why this person in his mid fifties shouldn’t rock his mohawk.

    I assumed you borrowed Fr. Gunn’s mobile thurible to use incense to cover that unseemly sweet burning smell with style. (What is the correct incense for this use?)

  2. Dave says:

    Hi there – you’re blog came up on my Google alerts for Delta Tau Delta. You’ll be happy to know that the Beta Mu Chapter was re-charted on May 4, 2010. With plans to move back to the shelter soon. I have personally met many of these new Delts and you can rest assured they are very much grounded in the values of DTD!

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