Our New Curate

The Rev. Anne Emry started her ministry as curate at St. John’s, Hingham, this past Sunday. August in the Episcopal Church is as good a time to begin a new ministry as any. If not low-key it’s certainly lower key. There aren’t as many people around, the full choir isn’t in session, the services are shorter. A perfect time to work out any liturgical bugs in preparation for the fall and the start of the oft over-hyped “Program Year.”

Mother Anne, as she’s known in these parts, preached her first sermon — and did a very fine job I might add; served as deacon of the mass (she’ll be priested in January); and survived, I mean attended, her first coffee hour among us. As great as it is to begin a new ministry, it’s always a bit of a relief to have the first Sunday over with. There will, of course, be hiccups along the way but there will never again be another first Sunday.

As people return from vacations, Anne will continue to meet people for the first time. Every week for the next two months I’d imagine. But in time the faces that now blend together will start to look familiar and names will even be attached to them. A first call as an ordained person is exciting, overwhelming, and fun. After years of discerning and studying, you’re finally doing what you have been called to do! And that is a great gift to both the individual and to those among whom you serve.

I admit to reliving some of my first days as a curate at Old St. Paul’s in downtown Baltimore. I had a terrific rector who was and is both a friend and mentor. We did a lot of great ministry together at OSP and I look forward to having a similar experience with Anne.

And, okay I’ll admit it, I mostly wrote this post so I could share some pictures of Mother Anne’s first Sunday at St. John’s. Thanks to our organist, Dr. Fred Guzasky, for taking them unbeknownst to either one of us. Very sneaky indeed. Enjoy.


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