Phone Home

The main reason I had children was for the free at-home tech support. And it’s finally starting to pay off. When I recently upgraded to a new BlackBerry and couldn’t figure out how to get the Facebook application, I gave the phone to Ben who pulled it up before I could even say the words “status update.” The only cost to me? A shrug, an eye roll, and a look that said “could you possibly be any lamer, Dad?” Which, in my book, is a small price to pay.

Ben’s now the family phone expert — and as of last week he has his own phone. In other words, he’s armed and dangerous. His new phone — which does not have internet access — was a combination 11th birthday/elementary school graduation present. Both events are taking place this month (6/8 and 6/15) and we gave it to him on his birthday. We stuck the phone in his bed and called it to wake him up on his birthday. Which was a lot of fun — he was bewildered, confused, and excited all at once.

Of course it took dialing the number three times before he was roused, which is a sure sign that he’ll be a teenager soon enough. And as I see him sprawled over a wingback chair, limbs splayed in all directions, ear buds in place, fingers rapidly texting a friend, I just shake my head. There’s no turning back — we’re in full tween mode. Next stop: teenagedom.

2 Comments on “Phone Home”

  1. Dave Clinton says:

    Do NOT tell Aly!

    I have banned Cellphones until she can pay for it!


  2. Father Tim says:

    Secret’s safe with me, David. You might have to pay Ben off though…

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