Trinitarian Rap

As I sit here putting the finishing touches on tomorrow’s sermon for Trinity Sunday, it occurred to me that no one has ever rapped about the Trinity. At least as far as I know since I never listen to rap. So, yes, I’m making an assumption which is always dangerous.

I already wrote one sermon about the Trinity this week with help from some Facebook friends. I asked for suggestions of classic Trinitarian clichés to incorporate — like “perichoretic dance” and “interpenetration.” You can read it in all its brilliance here.

But, no, that wasn’t enough. I had to write my very first rap song as an ode to the Trinity. Again, if 50 Cent has already recorded one I do apologize. But if not here it is (it’s mercifully short — but don’t worry because the dance party re-mix goes on forever). So start the beat and enjoy:

Trinitarian Rhapsody

Hangin’ with the Trinity, God is so infinity
Callin’ on the Godhead, love that is so widespread

Here’s to Athanasius, he is so audacious
Whackin’ heretics with his Creed, bring ’em to their knees to plead

Let’s go co-eternal, start with the paternal
Movin’ to the Son, salvation by the ton

Don’t forget the Spirit, you just got to submit 
To the holy unity, formin’ Christ’s community

Three tricked out persons, don’t you be a-cursin’
That would be so taboo, sins to you they would accrue

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; cry aloud ye heavn’ly host
Three in one and one in three; that there is your guarantee


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