Blogging Cardinal

Cardinal Sean O'Malley

A few days ago I blogged about a widely-reported situation at a parochial school in Hingham. The school rescinded an offer of admission to an 8-year-old boy after learning that the boy’s parents were a lesbian couple. Yesterday Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston blogged about this as well, his first public comments since the news broke and went national.

Here is his post and here is the Boston Globe article reporting on his post. I must say I’m impressed that a Roman Catholic cardinal blogs and also allows people to comment. I can’t speak to how the responses are filtered but it’s encouraging. The as-of-right-now fourteen comments are on both sides of the issue yet the tone of the debate is respectful.

I feel that the cardinal tried to please all sides — the conservatives, the church’s pastor, and those seeking compassion for the family. Perhaps that’s why he’s a cardinal. From my perspective as rector of a church up the hill from St. Paul’s, I still strongly disagree with the parish’s decision. Not that they would particularly care what I think — but, then, that’s what blogs are for!


One Comment on “Blogging Cardinal”

  1. Bob Chapman says:

    I saw the comments by Archbishop Seán Cardinal O’Malley as one of the following:

    * Talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    * Preparing the way to reverse the decision by the pastor of the parish while preserving his dignity and authority.

    * All of the above.

    If Cardinal O’Malley believes his parochial schools present the correct moral teachings, you would think he would want this boy to hear them. It is something the boy won’t hear at home.

    If the pastor and Cardinal O’Malley have concerns about other parents in the school, they should point out that their belief in catching cooties from a student is just as childish as boys thinking they will catch cooties from girls.

    Or, is that the point?

    Boys are afraid of catching cooties from girls, somehow diminishing what it means to be a boy. Is the boy of lesbian parents somehow less a boy?

    If given a chance, I’m sure that boy of lesbian parents probably would still try to spell his name in the snow.

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