Holy Guacamole!

In his song “Fruitcakes” Jimmy Buffett says about religion, “There’s a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning.” He’s referring to the hypocrisy out there between what people do on Saturday night and how they act in church on Sunday morning. It’s not just Saturday night, of course. You could presumably throw in the whole rest of the week. We’re taught to live out our faith seven days a week and not leave it to an hour on Sunday morning. And it’s a worthwhile, if lofty, goal for all of us.

But I will say that there’s nothing wrong with having fun in church. If we dedicate our entire lives to God that means not just the seemingly serious “praying” parts but also the joy and celebration and laughter parts. It was with this in mind that we held a “Holy Guacamole” party at church this past Saturday night. The idea started because I simply wanted to hold a fun event at the church; something that would be neither a fundraiser nor an event with a traditional churchy feel (a la the ubiquitous covered dish supper). So I floated the idea and a small group came up with the idea for “Holy Guacamole.”

There was a salsa and guacamole making contest; dinner catered by a local Mexican restaurant; and dancing to a live band (not a Mariachi band I might add). We kept the ticket price low — $25 per person — and it was BYOB (my only charge to the planning group? “Just don’t lose money.”)

And it turned out to be a great event! 100 people turned out representing every age group (though we made it clear this was an adults only night). I even got up and played a song with the band — very spur of the moment — as a way to encourage people to get out on the dance floor. And it worked: a conga line formed while I was playing. I, of course, can’t stand to dance but Bryna did drag me out for a few songs.

So, while there may be a “fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning” it’s not always as pronounced as we might think. Most people even made it to church the next day.


One Comment on “Holy Guacamole!”

  1. Evangelization at its best! Everyone knows — or should — that coming to any table that has food is a way to build community.

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