Jelly Bean War Follow-Up

Just to follow up on the recent Jelly Bean War between me and Father Scott Gunn, I have posted a picture of the two combatants. This was taken by photographer and Haiku-master Mary Cox in Salem, Massachusetts at the recent Episcopal Communicators conference. I am dressed as the Rev. Cotton Mather of Salem Witch Trial fame (yes, it was a costume party; no, I don’t usually dress this way).

Father Gunn is dressed as an incognito priest with Groucho Marx-style glasses. My costume is clearly superior even if he was the one who suggested baby powder for my “gray” hair when I couldn’t find a wig. His costume foreshadows his shame at falsely declaring himself the winner. My evil eye foreshadows the fact that I am considering burning him at the stake. In lieu of this, I “flamed” him on my blog — the modern equivalent.


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