Barbies Gone Mild!

Amish Barbie

I swore I wouldn’t wade into the Episco-Barbie inspired religious Barbie craze. But I did. And now Clergy Family Confidential has become your official source for rogue religious Barbie dolls.

Burka Barbie

Inspired by parishioner David Clinton’s challenge to dig up more, I have done just that. Of course, since I have no talent whatsoever for crafts, I didn’t create any of these. But fortunately I am a very gifted Googler.

Bible Thumping Barbie

Mormon Barbie

I never thought I’d pine for your regular old supermodel Barbie. But here you have it: Amish Barbie, Burka Barbie, Bible Thumping Barbie, Mormon Barbie, and my personal favorite, the Scarlett Letter Barbie.

Scarlett Letter Barbie

There’s also a whole darker side of the Barbie phenomenon that I can’t get into on a family blog such as this. Suffice it to say that this is not your grandmother’s Barbie. Whew!


5 Comments on “Barbies Gone Mild!”

  1. Susan Walsh says:

    Interesting– the Bible thumper is the only Barbie to show arms and legs. What does that say about our evangelical brothers??

  2. Where’s Burqua Barbie?

  3. Mary W. Cox says:

    I can’t understand why we didn’t run into Scarlet Letter Barbie in Salem! That would have been yet another version of Hester Prynne for the costume party…

  4. Bob Chapman says:

    I’m sure your interest in the Scarlet Letter Barbie is because of your desire for those lost in sin.

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