Barbie Gets Religion

Orthodox Jewish Barbie

I swore I wouldn’t blog about Episco-Barbie. I even posted the following to Facebook/Twitter: “No, I will not be blogging about the Episcopal Barbie. Great idea but she’s gotten enough press already.” I don’t like jumping on blogging bandwagons. But then I was introduced to Tefillin Barbie, an Orthodox Jewish version of the iconic doll. And so, in the name of interfaith dialogue, I decided they just had to meet.   



I’m blogging about this with a caveat, however. My seminary classmate, the Rev. Cynthia Hallas, claims she made an Episco-Barbie 10 years ago. Which might just set off a cat fight between the two Barbies — the dolls not the priests involved. (And please pardon the sexist expression “cat fight” — not sure what else to call it). 

Buddhist Barbie


But let’s not just stop at the Judeo-Christian objectifying of women. While I was at it I found a Buddhist Barbie, a Nun Barbie, a Hindu Barbie, a Wicca Barbie, and a Muslim Barbie. So enjoy these images and try not to wretch on your computer. Though that give me an idea…Hangover Barbie!  

Hindu Barbie



Nun Barbie


Muslim Barbie



Wicca Barbie



5 Comments on “Barbie Gets Religion”

  1. Why does Orthodox Barbie look like a shiksha?

  2. Father Tim says:

    Okay, had to Google that one, Meredith.

  3. Dave Clinton says:

    Where is Amish Barbie, Unitarian Barbie, Baptist Barbie, Methodist Barbie, Zooastrian Barbie, Greek Orthodox Barbie, and the list goes on….

  4. Orthodoxwoman says:

    Only men wear tallis and tefillin in Orthodox Jewry!!!

  5. Cynthia Gosselin says:

    I agree with Orthodoxwoman, but this reminds me of when I was a little girl. I would take my brothers G.I Joe, renamed him G.I. Yusef, and he was a Mossad agent trying to save Jewish from the PLO. They would then have a nice Jewish wedding with my Little Pony as the Rabbi. Ahh, childhood.

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