Lent Madness: Round One Complete!

The fast and furious action of the first round of Lent Madness is in the books. The field has been narrowed down from 32 saints to 16 as they continue to vie for the coveted Golden Halo. There are some intriguing match-ups in Round Two, known as the Round of the Saintly Sixteen.

You can see the full bracket here: Lent Madness 2010. But you’ll need to check with Vegas for the latest odds.

Here are the upcoming battles:

Aelred vs. John the Baptist

John Chrysostom vs. Isaac Watts

Theresa of Avila vs. Richard Hooker

Peter vs. Joseph of Arimathea

Hilda of Whitby vs. Francis of Assisi

Joseph vs. George Herbert

Benedict vs. Julian of Norwich

Stephen vs. Hildegard


2 Comments on “Lent Madness: Round One Complete!”

  1. Looks like it might be tough for Julian of Norwich and Hildegard, but I’ll shamelessly beg votes for those great gals. Note: I’m assuming Theresa of Avila will trounce what’s-his-name.

  2. Father Tim says:

    The only member of the Schenck family (including me) to cast a vote in Lent Madness was my eldest son. He voted for his namesake, Benedict. And, yes, he was named in 1999 — way before the current pope was enthroned!

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