You Got the Look

“New Year, New You.” That’s the usual post-New Year’s health club enticement. The staff at Clergy Family Confidential has been working out (minimal steroid use was involved) and we now have a new look for our blog.

I’ve been hearing grumblings that the previous format was a bit hard on the eyes. Or perhaps I have a middle-aged readership that’s transitioning to bifocals. In any case the new “theme” should help with that. The font size is larger and the contrast is better. Unfortunately the content itself will remain about the same.

I nearly went with a hip black background. Bryna vetoed it and anyway I think it said you had to have a goatee and/or tattoo to select it. The next one I almost used was black and orange. I thought what better way to honor my last place Orioles than through blog colors? Ben nixed that one.

The theme I chose is called Quentin. It’s pretty simple and it reminds me of “Pulp Fiction” for some reason. I’m all for feedback on this. If you like it or hate it let me know. I try to always be responsive to my readers. Like Dear Abby but in a cyber-don’t-tell-ME-your-problems kind of way.

Thank you for your continued patronage. I’m making a lot of money off this site (you can tell by all the ads that clutter it up). Excuse me while I go give out large staff bonuses.


6 Comments on “You Got the Look”

  1. Scott Gunn says:

    I like it. Nice Twitter widget.

    Now I have to go add some bells & whistles to my blog so I can win the “feature race”.

  2. SO much better/easier on the eyes. Where’s the Twitter widget? You might want to add an RSS button higher up the side bar and close down the spaces to capture more room for ads.

  3. gawain says:

    I like it. Much easier and cleaner.

  4. Father Tim says:

    Three out of four dentists approve of the new look. And remind you to floss every night.

  5. The new look wins my vote. The bigger font, my new progressive lenses (yes, I am a middle-age reader) and the engaging content make it an easy read all around!

  6. Solange says:

    Looks nicer. I like the larger print, she said, dodderingly. But then I can’t remember the old look. I still don’t get the “Quentin” bit. Theme? The dark red of the borders reminds you of Pulp Fiction? Have you been leaning over the incense a little too long?

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