Blessing of the BlackBerrys

Leave it to the Church of England. A priest recently held a blessing of smart phones and laptops at a London parish. He thought the tradition of the Blessing of the Plows needed updating. In a ritual dating to medieval times church members would bring plows to the front door on Plow Monday, the first Monday after Twelfth Night, to be blessed. Read the article from the London Times here.

And he’s right. How many Londoners could even locate a plow these days? BlackBerrys have replaced hoes as our regular work implements. Laptops are the new pitchforks. Office cubicles are our threshing floors.

And why not bless them? Episcopal clergy bless everything else: homes, motorcycles, pets. The first call of a seminary classmate of mine was as the assistant priest at Trinity-by-the-Cove in Naples, Florida (tough gig, I know). His first christening was, literally, a boat rather than a child.

Back when Palm Pilots were all the rage, I threatened to hold a “Palm Sunday” where everyone would hold up their Palms and I would beam the parish directory to them. I should have.

I don’t think I’ll hold a Blessing of the Laptops anytime soon; something about it makes me cringe. But on the other hand it’s theologically appropriate. God is just as present in our work tools today as in an agricultural society. Now if I could just get God to follow me on Twitter.


2 Comments on “Blessing of the BlackBerrys”

  1. I follow @HolyGod on Twitter and find the Almighty’s tweets to be illuminating, if not inspiring. I once got a @ response, but don’t think God followed me back.

  2. Scott Gunn says:

    God would probably follow you on Twitter if you had a widget in your sidebar.

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