The Babies Jesi

What’s the plural of Jesus? No one knows, of course, because there’s only one Messiah. Which is precisely why we’re planning to get two of them together on New Year’s Eve.

Let me explain. Bryna’s best friend since 4th grade came in from St. Louis yesterday with her husband and 2o-month-old son. Last year Kai was baby Jesus at the Christmas pageant at my church in New York (All Saints’, Briarcliff Manor). This year William Dietterich was baby Jesus at my new church (St. John’s, Hingham, MA). So we just have to get the two Jesi together to see what happens. Regardless of the inherent heresy.

When it comes to Christmas pageants, I’m of the opinion that the Holy Doll just doesn’t cut it. You need a real, live baby Jesus to add to the chaos. I have several critical parameters for baby Jesus: he (or she) must be beyond the floppy head stage and yet too young to crawl. A fleeing Jesus makes it tough to preach on the abiding presence of the Incarnation. Oh, and the mother of Jesus has to have a sense of humor since in the days leading up to Christmas I like to go up to her and say, “Holy Mother of God!”

Both Kai and William made excellent Jesi. Though it’s tough to think that any future role in a pageant will be a step down. It’s hard to go from the Prince of Peace to a mere sheep. That’s what happened to Jack Mazzola in Briarcliff who was my Jesus twice removed. Oh how the mighty have fallen. But last year we also had an angel come crashing out of her pew which made her the ultimate “fallen angel.” So it could always be worse.


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  1. Do you know about the “Three Christs of Ypsilanti” study? Check it out!

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