Christmas Miracle

Some things are just too amazing to make up. Like the fact that you can buy a laptop steering wheel desk on Amazon. But this year, it’s our family’s Christmas tree.

We bought it at the Hingham Congregational Church’s tree sale to support their youth group’s upcoming mission trip. We figured why not support a good cause? It all seemed like a pretty standard tree-buying experience — Zack refused to get out of the mini-van, Ben helped pick out a nice 6 1/2 foot Douglass Fir, and I dragged it over to pay. As usual, we asked for a fresh cut and one of the teens working at the sale sawed away at the bottom. But when she took off the half-inch I requested, what appeared was nothing short of miraculous — it was the perfectly-shaped star you see in the picture.

Now, I know Christmas trees. My church in New York held an annual tree sale and my favorite part was using a chain saw to give customers a nice fresh cut — if you’re putting the tree directly into water this is what keeps it the freshest. But in my seven years of selling trees I never, ever saw anything like this.

Earlier this week I speculated that our rectory was haunted when the tree fell over in the middle of the night. But maybe it’s just that our Christmas tree is possessed. Not in a bad way, mind you. But the star on the bottom clearly didn’t want to be shoved into a stand full of water. It wanted to be free! None of this would have happened if we’d done what I suggested when we first brought the tree home. I wanted to suspend it upside down in the living room so that the star truly would be on top. Nothing drilling into the plaster ceiling wouldn’t have solved.

This season we’ll enjoy our Christmas star even if we don’t see it again until we haul the tree to the town dump on Epiphany. And next year I’m hoping for the Virgin Mary.


4 Comments on “Christmas Miracle”

  1. You might be able to sell this on ebay.

  2. susan s. says:

    Heck, you could cut more 1/2 inch pieces and sell several on Ebay!
    I actually think it looks more like a starfish, but I’m a little weird!

  3. Barbara says:

    Hey, it must be the real deal because it’s a Star of David. A little object lesson in geneology. Congratulations, and be sure to keep track of these miracles for canonization!

  4. Father Tim says:

    Oooh, canonization. I hadn’t thought of becoming a saint but now I’ll be angling for it. No need for martyrdom though.

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