Jesus Shoots…and Scores!

Still not sure what to get the young sports fanatic on your Christmas list? Salvation is at hand thanks to Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues. These nifty collectibles remind us that Jesus does care who wins in sports. And, judging by the Soccer Jesus displayed here, it’s him. He’s clearly stealing the ball from that little boy.

The Baseball Jesus is vaguely disturbing given the clergy abuse scandal still simmering in the Roman Catholic Church. Not to mention the fact that the catcher’s head is about to get mashed in — he’s WAY too close to the batter (and not wearing a mask, I might add).

Though the Football Jesus absolutely affirms my recent post comparing John the Baptist to a fullback, clearing the way for the Messiah. Jesus is the running back! I knew it!

Lest you think this is the full extent of this travesty, you can click here to see the Jesus golf, hockey, and, yes, ballet statues. And here for track, gymnastics, biking, and skiing.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Jesus. And he’s evidently quite sporty.

Thanks to Melodie Woerman, a friend and the Communications Director in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, for alerting me to this astounding gift-giving possibility.


6 Comments on “Jesus Shoots…and Scores!”

  1. Greta Huls says:

    My, how white they are.

  2. Father Tim says:

    Greta, I was thinking the same thing. No hoops in the ‘hood in this collection…

  3. Jean Halajian says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! These are hysterical. I hope the skiing Jesus is wearing long underwear, and something besides sandals on his feet.

  4. jeanie senior says:

    re your baseball comment: check out Jesus & golfing statue. Wonder what Safeguarding God’s Children would have to say about the coaching stance? ewww.

  5. Alec says:

    Funny. I would’ve expected Football Jesus to be wearing Green and Gold. Perhaps that explains Notre Dame’s recent struggles…

  6. Chris Riely says:

    Really funny…great post Tim!

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