So, the Pope’s on YouTube. The Vatican’s YouTube channel is cleverly called “The Vatican.” I’m not sure how many cardinals it took to come up with something so catchy. If I was the Vatican’s marketing director I would have gone with PopeTube. I’m just sayin’.

According to The Vatican (the Holy See, not the YouTube channel) the new venture “offers news coverage of the main activities of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and of relevant Vatican events” and is updated daily. It’s also, I hate to say, incredibly boring. The videos are over-produced with stiff-anchorman-like voice overs. And while Benedict XVI is many things, let’s face it. Telegenic he’s not.

Here’s one with the snappy title “Common Desire for Ecumenism between Rome and Canterbury.” It shows Pope Benedict schmoozing with Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. Don’t blink; it’s 46 seconds.

I certainly don’t begrudge religious institutions embracing technology. I think it’s grand. I just wish most of their content didn’t look like a bunch old guys were the producers. Which of course they are. My advice? Loosen up, Vatican! Have some fun! Show us why being a Roman Catholic in today’s world is so compelling. And give us behind-the-scenes peek at the Popemobile. 

Until that happens I’m not sensing many viral videos from the pope.


2 Comments on “PopeTube?”

  1. Don’t hold your breath on the Vatican getting especially inventive with the new media. And it should come as no surprise that my work about communications as an important church ministry has been pretty pointedly ignored by the USCCB — another bunch of old guys, precious few of whom even remotely “get” what’s going on among Catholic laity, let alone have the ability to craft a message about what might be compelling about being Roman Catholic these days.

    Yeah, I’m cranky. So what’s new? On a good day, I decide to dig in my heels and try to serve as best I can despite the old guys. I pray for good days.

  2. Father Tim says:

    Meredith, if it makes you feel any better I think you’d make a great old white guy. All the power, none of the baggage.

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