Worshippers Beware!

 An illustrated guide to getting Swine Flu in church:
priests hands3

"Receive the Holy Spirit and the Swine Flu"

priests hands4

"Remember that you are pig and to pig you shall return"

priests hands5

"The peace of the swine be always with you."


"Avoid demon-possessed pigs."

priests hands6

"Wash hands thoroughly before receiving the stigmata."


"Welcome to the parish nursery."

priests hands2

"The body of Christ, the bread of Purell."

pig pen

"Have fun at Sunday School."


"Good luck."


"Holy shot glasses? Never!"


4 Comments on “Worshippers Beware!”

  1. Hope we get to sit together in hell.

  2. Father Tim says:

    Meredith — as long as we can sit in the back and make snarky comments together.

  3. Stephen Holton says:

    Kiss of peace, anyone?
    Seriously, I announced to my folks the danger of passing it on, and that they could choose to not be so peaceful. They’re still all over each other. Why? I think because if they don’t make human contact at least once a week, they’ll all really feel like they’re in hell, now if not later.

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