Bean Counters

Bean sweaterL.L. Bean is going hip. This sounds oxymoronic or perhaps simply moronic but “The Bean” is trying to change its image. And according to a recent article, they’ve even hired a new designer to create their cutting edge Signature Collection.  So I guess Freeport, Maine, is the new Paris. I’m picturing Gisele strutting down the catwalk in the classic Bean boots sporting the iconic navy and white Norwegian sweater. Off the shoulder of course.

The company is evidently trying to reach a younger crowd in order to take some market share away from J. Crew and Ralph Lauren. So now they’re offering “body-conscious and fitted” men’s shirts. Because we all know how much metrosexuals like to go duck hunting. One of the charms of L.L. Bean is that it’s open 24 hours. If you went to college in New England chances are you made an overnight road trip at some point during your university years. I just can’t see the allure if you can get the same stuff at the local Gap.

I still have one of those famous Bean sweaters. I’ve probably had it for 25 years and it still fits perfectly. I’ll pull it out on exceptionally cold days and nothing beats it. It’s like comfort food for the body. Granted I don’t hunt moose in it so maybe I shouldn’t complain about Bean’s new look. But at least I live in New England now. Shouldn’t that count for something?

bean signature

A place for hipsters?


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