Throwback Ugly

eagles-throwbacksNFL throwback jerseys have officially become a pet peeve of mine. I’m watching the Jets today. Go Green? Um, not with those old New York Titans uniforms. They look more like the Steelers (minus the Super Bowl rings). Does anyone even remember the Titans? And I’m not referring to the movie of the same name.

Each week some team trots out some dated unis in an attempt, one can only imagine, at selling more merchandise. The worst were the socks recently worn by the Denver Broncos. BroncosThey looked like something worn by psychedelic clowns. Even the refs have gotten into the coyote ugly act. refs

But the throwback trend did get me thinking about what this might look in other professions. For Episcopal clergy, of course, every Sunday is throwback day. Clerical vestments haven’t changed much over the past couple of millenia. Sure there’s the fiddleback chasuble which you don’t see much anymore. And the maniple which you generally only see on a Christus Rex. christusrexSince we all know Jesus wore fancy vestments made exclusively in England.

But what about the military? Do you think soldiers wear suits of armor on throwback day in Afghanistan while tracking down the Taliban? Or do cab drivers pull out the old horse and buggy once a year? Of course not. Because that would be absurd. Not as ugly as NFL throwback jerseys, but absurd.


One Comment on “Throwback Ugly”

  1. Alec says:

    I was at the Broncos/Pats game a few weeks ago and part of the old-school schtick was running the Jumbotron in black & white. Seeing those unis in B&W definitely made them look less heinous.

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