Feeling Jumpy

TrampolineTwo boys with expendable energy plus Bryna trolling Craig’s List equals a new trampoline at the rectory. You also have to throw in borrowing the neighbor’s pick up truck to complete the cycle. Oh, and my mad put-it-together skills (worst grade I ever got at any level of school? C-minus in my 6th grade shop class).

All of this has combined to create the perfect trampoline storm. Which means Ben and Zack are free to go out and knock heads together at will. Actually trampolines are safer than ever. Well, besides the brain banging around the skull ad nauseum. Because when we were kids there were no safety net enclosures. If you jumped too hard on your friend’s trampoline you flew head first into a nearby tree. Or broke your arm. It was as simple as that. But today, while you might accidently get kicked in the head by your brother, you’re not going to fly off into the driveway.

Our new trampoline is only a year old. We bought it from a family whose mother was too nervous that one of her kids would get maimed. It was a gift from her in-laws, she told us. I quickly tossed the parts into the pick up truck to avoid getting sucked into a family counseling session.

Somehow I ended up putting the thing together without any spare pieces left over (as far as Bryna knows). It seems relatively sturdy but I’m still going to have a lawyer draft a waiver for the boys to sign. I don’t want them to sue me when they lose a limb.


One Comment on “Feeling Jumpy”

  1. Slightly off topic perhaps, but a plea for you to consider the ethics of buying cheap trampolines. Please try and consider, for example, the things the item is manufactured from, the conditions of the factories where they’re made and the ethics of the retailer. And try to repair your trampoline instead of throwing away. Thanks!!!!

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