Switched at Birth?

AQ logoMy brother’s new company, Art Quiver, got some great press today in the Charlottesville Daily Progress. The article is titled “Paint and Click” — a bit cheesy but given that AQ is an online art gallery it makes sense. There’s even a picture of him so you can see first-hand just how better looking I am.

Why did he start the business? According to the paper: “Short on time and frustrated by the process of trying to buy art for his own home, Matt Schenck created ArtQuiver.com.” Nice. But come to think of it he hasn’t sent me any art for a housewarming gift…

Now that Matt’s in the art business (he was formerly part owner and an Executive VP at Rosetta Stone), our middle names are even more ironic. He got “Edwards” for the only famous relative we seem to have — the 18th century preacher Jonathan Edwards of Great Awakening renown. And I got “Edgar”  for my father’s father who was a Museum Director (Brooklyn Museum in the 1950’s among others).

Now go buy some original art! (Tell him “Tim sent you” to receive the 10% surcharge.)


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