Coffee Wanderings, Part II

Red Eye Roasters' freshly painted coffee cart

Red Eye Roasters' freshly painted coffee cart

Still no sign of a decent coffee shop on the South Shore BUT I’ve discovered a wonderful local roaster in Hingham. Bob Weeks is the owner/roaster at Redeye Roasters. I met Bob at the Hingham Farmer’s Market this morning where he parks his nifty coffee cart every Saturday morning. Not only did he serve me up a deliciously smooth cup of Guatemalan coffee, he personally grinds the beans and brews the coffee right before your very eyes. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Bob’s hand-crafted, small-batch roasting reputation actually preceded our meeting. A member of the St. John’s Search Committee introduced us to his coffee last month. Even better, he told me today that he met Mike and Alicia from Coffee Labs in Tarrytown, New York, at some sort of coffee conference or summit. If Coffee Labs is my own personal mecca, Bob’s been to the mountaintop!

The only problem with this is that Red Eye Roasters doesn’t have a coffee shop. We need to encourage Bob to open one in Hingham! I told him I’d be his own personal evangelist and use my powers of persuasion to get people there. Of course I only know about three people in town at this point. This will all change when I start work next Thursday and end my stay-(at home and unpack)-cation.

In the meantime I’ll be seeing him on Saturday mornings to pester him about putting out a shingle. And buying a cup of coffee, of course.


2 Comments on “Coffee Wanderings, Part II”

  1. Why not start a Café at the church?

  2. Father Tim says:

    Thanks, Tom. I’ve thought of this — even have the name: “Holy Grounds.” Prudence tells me I should actually start my new job (this Thursday) before floating the idea…

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