Coffee Wanderings

coffee bean bagWandering is a major theme in Scripture. Moses and the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years on their way to the Promised Land. Abraham, the father of monotheism, is identified as “a wandering Aramean.” Jesus himself proclaimed that “foxes have holes and birds have nests but the Son of Man has no where to lay his head.”

Not to be overly dramatic but I’ve been wandering the South Shore of Boston searching for the perfect coffee shop. The one where I’ll write my sermons, articles, and books. The one where I’ll become a regular. The one where Delilah is welcomed. The one where the coffee is freshly roasted. The one within ten minutes of my office. The one where the baristas are tattooed and pierced perhaps but friendly and knowledgeable. The one where the refills are free. The one where the seats are comfortable. The one where the background music is a mix of alternative and blues. The one with free Wi-Fi. The one that’s independently owned. In other words, the perfect coffee shop.

Okay, so I’m still mourning the loss of Coffee Labs in Tarrytown. After wandering around the past week and a half I’ve lowered my sights. I’m only looking for about half of the above criteria and I still haven’t found it. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve been begging Bryna to open up her own coffee shop. To my amazement she hasn’t completely ruled it out but I think she’s just humoring me.

Right now I’m sitting in an air-conditioned coffee shop just down the street from the church. In some ways this would be ideal — at least location-wise. The coffee’s not horrible and they have Wi-Fi. I can even overlook the name: “Brewed Awakenings.” Unfortunately the music stinks. Or, to put it more delicately, it’s not at all conducive to writing sermons. I don’t mind distractions — I welcome them in fact. Which is why I prefer to write in coffee shops. But listening to soft, cheesy “rock” is not an option. It’s hard enough blogging to Bryan Adams and the Bangles let alone writing anything with substance.

So the wandering will continue. Until I find the right place to write, I can’t take responsibility for the quality of my output. If this situation continues I may have to put a disclaimer at the bottom of each week’s service bulletin:

** The quality of Father Tim’s sermon this Sunday is a direct result of his inability to find a decent local coffee shop. Please excuse any grammatical shortcomings, uninspiring content, and/or heresy.


3 Comments on “Coffee Wanderings”

  1. Bob Weeks says:

    I’m Bob Weeks the owner and coffee roaster for Redeye Roasters Handcrafted Specialty Coffee in Hingham. I do small batch coffee roasting in the artisan tradition. My goal is simple “get the coffee right.” The ultimate coffee shop is my vision as well. However, not as a customer but as the owner. It’s been my dream since I started this business 4 years ago. On Saturday’s at the Hingham Farmers Market you’ll find my funky coffee trailer where I can offer you the best cup of coffee around. I have tables to sit at and great music but no wifi. Please stop by and say hello.
    You can learn more about me and my coffees at

  2. Bob Weeks says:

    I left comments but I’m afraid it ended up in your spam folder. My name is Bob Weeks and I’m the owner and roast master for Redeye Roasters in Hingham. I do handcrafted specialty coffee roasted in the artisan tradition. I have one goal “get the coffee right”. I’m leaving a comment because we share a common desire. To have the ultimate rad coffee shop on the South Shore. At this point I have the next best thing. Every Saturday I have my coffee trailer at the Hingham Farmers Market. Each cup of coffee is custom hand-poured through a drip cone. I’ve got great music and tables to sit. No Wi-Fi, sorry. I can guarantee you won’t find a better cup of coffee on the SS. Stop by and say hello, it sounds like you’re a coffee geek. One more thing we have in common.


  3. Father Tim says:

    Hi, Bob, thanks for being in touch! A couple people have already passes along your handiwork — great stuff. Hopefully see you tomorrow!

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