Gee, Mail

email-iconAs part of our moving-to-Massachusetts deal with Ben we agreed to get him an e-mail address to keep in touch with his friends in Briarcliff. Do I really think a ten-year-old needs a Gmail account? No. But a promise is a promise so I set it up for him yesterday.

What took the most time was coming up with an address. He wanted “Yankees” in it, which made me cringe, but fortunately anything he came up with was already taken. That’s not entirely true — he could have had That was available but fortunately even Ben realized it was a bit unwieldy. After trying countless combinations, I suggested incorporating “Schenck” into his address. Amazingly enough this isn’t the most popular word to use in an e-mail account. So he now has a functioning e-mail address. Ben is ready to roll on the information superhighway. Or at least e-mail his mother (which he’s already done three times).

If you think this is poor parenting, I must also confess I set up an account for Zack. What’s good for the goose, you know. I doubt there’s a whole lot of 8-year-old e-mail going back and forth around town. “Let’s meet at the playground at noon — ask your mom.” “Okay, sounds good. Go ask your mom.” But at least he can send messages to his brother

Ben’s now asking for an iPhone. But that’s where I draw the line. No BlackBerry or iPhone until you’re at least 11!


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