Enemy Territory

Hingham SignAfter we shared the news with Ben and Zack that we were moving to Hingham, Massachusetts this summer, they both promptly burst into tears and ran upstairs. When they came back down a few minutes later we shared some pictures of our new church and community. Then they had two urgent questions: “Is there little league baseball in Massachusetts?” and “Will we be the only Yankee fans in Hingham?”

The answer to the first question was a resounding “yes.” I’m mean, come on, it’s not like we were hauling them off to France. This was a great relief to them both. The next question was trickier because they may well be the only Yankee fans in Hingham, located in the heart of Red Sox Nation. If they plan on wearing Yankee shirts to school they may need to pack a little heat in their backpacks. But they seem undeterred. They’ve even announced that they want their  their new rooms painted with Yankee pinstripes. As an Oriole-loving Yankee hater myself, this is anathema. I hope they don’t expect me to be their personal Picasso.

Once the initial shock wore off, I’ve been very proud of how well the boys have taken the news. Yes, they will miss their friends but they’re also excited about our new adventure. It helps that the rectory is a mere 20-minute walk to the beach. But I think it also helps that Bryna and I have acknowledged their mixed emotions rather than stifling them. We have them too, after all. It’s difficult to say goodbye to so many people who have been such an important part of our lives over the past seven years.

I admit I’m worried that this move will cement their Yankee fandom forever. You might think being surrounded by rabid Red Sox fans would have the opposite effect but I know better. Moving from Baltimore to New York in 1982 made my loyalty to the Orioles even stronger. And one of the sweetest moments of my life was gloating to my Yankee-fan friends after the Orioles won the 1983 World Series. Of course this was the last time they appeared in a World Series (a long 26 years ago). So I’m afraid the boys’ love of the Yankees will become even more entrenched. Which, in my mind, puts me in the “lousy parent” category.

We’re heading up to Hingham on Sunday afternoon to show the boys around town, camp out at the rectory, and get them familiar with their new surroundings before our big move. They’re excited to see everything and I think it will help ease the transition for all of us. You can count on the fact that they’ll be wearing their Yankee shirts for the ride up.


One Comment on “Enemy Territory”

  1. Phil Carter says:

    Fr. Tim – Welcome to Red Sox Nation. Benedict and Zachery will have to wear Red Sox shirts in order to live in the rectory!
    Phil Carter

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