No Ordinary Time

green vestment“There is No Ordinary Time” — this was the working title for my first (and as of yet only) book. It didn’t make it to publication, but I still love the title. It just works on multiple levels, especially for the liturgical church crowd. I thought of this since we’re now officially in Ordinary Time, that season after Pentecost that lasts until Advent. We’ll be seeing green for a looooooong time.

Of course it’s really a misnomer since there is no ordinary time — it’s all blessed by God and thus it’s all extraordinary time. In the introduction to “God’s Shoes” I wrote:

“I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “There is no secular world.” I’m not big on bumper sticker theology—“Honk if you love Jesus” and the like—but this proclamation said it all. There is no secular world. It is all sacred because God pervades everything. The divine presence weaves its way throughout our daily lives. God can be found in the miraculous and the mundane; in a family room fish tank, through a child’s probing questions, or at the town pool… I never did catch a glimpse of the driver with that bumper sticker. He or she turned off before I could peek into the window. But it doesn’t matter. We often see snippets of the truth on the highways and byways of life, just as we do in the midst of domestic chaos. We simply need to open our eyes to the possibilities.”

Happy Ordinary Time. Wake me up in December.


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