Ben’s 10

Ben_10There’s a popular cartoon character named “Ben 10.” His name is Ben and he’s 10-years-old; hence the name. The reason kids like him is that Ben came to possess a watch-like device that allows him to transform into various alien life forms with different and amazing powers. Which he uses to fight crime and assorted bad guys. Though he’s been known to use it for mischief now and again.

I mention this because we’re celebrating our Ben’s 10th birthday this weekend. I was all set for him to have a “Ben 10” birthday party — it would be the perfect theme! And the plates, cups, and tablecloths would all tie in beautifully. The problem is that Ben liked the show when he was 7 and 8. So he is “way over” Ben 10. Bummer.

OK, Ben, so what’s the theme going to be? “I want a Ravens party.” He didn’t mean Edgar Allen Poe; he was talking about one of his great passions in life: the Baltimore Ravens football team. Not a problem — purple and black balloons and a sheet cake with the Ravens logo scanned on top.

But it didn’t stop there. We offered Ben the option of having his friends donate to a cause rather than bringing presents he didn’t really need. And I was really proud that he embraced the idea. We let him choose the charity and he decided to go with the Ed Reed Foundation in Baltimore. Who’s Ed Reed? Only one of his very favorite football players, the All-Pro safety for the Baltimore Ravens. The foundation helps fund children’s programs in both Baltimore and Louisiana, Reed’s home state.

Needless to say I’m impressed with Ben’s decision and hope his selfless act will inspire other kids (and their parents) to go and do likewise. And don’t worry, Bryna and I still got him that first baseman’s mitt he’s been pining for.


One Comment on “Ben’s 10”

  1. I’m impressed with Ben’s decision, too! And proud of the proud parents. Good job because without your guidance and example, he wouldn’t have chosen the option to donate to the Ben Reed Foundation and, heaven forefend,he’d want Barbie and Ken scanned onto the cake.

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