All That Twitters…

…Is Not Gold.


Yes, I’ve given in to peer pressure and have started Twittering. Or perhaps you could argue that I drank the Kool Aid. But whatever, you can “follow” me here: @FatherTim. If you Twitter, you’ll know what this means. If not, it probably looks like an aborted e-mail address or a typo.

I admit I’ve been conflicted by some of the Twitter language. Rather than having “Friends” like on Facebook, you have “Followers” — people who receive your status updates. At last count I have five (versus my nearly 200 “friends” on Facebook). I actually prefer to think of them as “Disciples” and am considering not accepting any more after I reach 12. How’s that for a priestly Messiah complex?

I admit that, at this point, I am the Mr. Magoo of Twitter. I have no idea what I’m doing. People think I’m some technological guru because I’m a priest who blogs, Facebooks, and now Twitters. The reality is that I only appear to be competent because of the company I keep. Besides a few younger priests who can do this stuff in their sleep (with one hand tied behind their backs; though that’s a rather uncomfortable way to sleep) most clergy are horrible with technology. That’s because the majority of us are old.

I always swore I wouldn’t Twitter until I could figure out the grammar. I’m still somewhat confused but here’s what I’ve learned: Twitter is the proper noun; tweet is a noun – you send a “tweet”; twitter is the verb (not to be confused with the proper noun “Twitter”). So you can use Twitter to twitter a tweet. I think. I may have to write a tongue twister.

I’ll keep you posted on my adventures in Tweet Land. So far they’ve been tentative and uneventful. But then, I’m probably doing it wrong.

Blessings from the Tweet Deck.


6 Comments on “All That Twitters…”

  1. Mary Cox says:

    Oh, good grief–if YOU are “old,” that really makes some of us dinosaurs. (come to think of it, we probably are…)

    Well, you have inspired me to doggerel again:

    Fr. Tim is now twittering: “Sweet!
    While I run, I can twitter a tweet,
    noting how I grow fitter
    each mile (as I twitter),
    ignoring de pain in de feet.”

    Good luck this Saturday? Sunday?–whichever day the race is!

  2. Father Tim says:

    Mary, I’d say you’ve outdone yourself with this one but I’m no longer surprised. That is hilarious!

    The race is on Sunday so you can start praying at 8 am. You don’t mind praying for 4+ hours do you? I assume that’s your normal Sunday morning devotional.

  3. “Patience obtains all things…”
    Most people are completely confuzzled by Twitter at the beginning.

  4. Father Tim says:

    Well, I’m horrible at Twittering so far but I’m fairly trainable so I remain optimistic that it will change my life and bring me everlasting happiness.

  5. Neva Rae says:

    so does that mean that if we twitter you, we’re your groupies? do you want groupies?

  6. Father Tim says:

    Groupies, followers, disciples, stalkers. I’m not picky.

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