peepsToday is Judgment Day. Not in the apocalyptic, end-of-the-world sense (I hope). But this morning I am exercising my powers as a “celebrity judge” in the Diocese of Maryland’s Peep-based Biblical diorama contest.

The weight of responsibility makes me feel like Atlas holding up the world. Except I’m holding up a giant yellow Marshmallow Peep. While simultaneously drinking coffee. So I’m sitting here at Coffee Labs on my day off with a steaming mug of Kenyan coffee and a pile of color photographs depicting shoe box dioramas of Biblical stories told with Peeps. Never a dull moment in parish ministry.

My problem is that they’re all pretty amazing — lots of effort clearly went into them. Some insanely clever and “crafty” people went crazy with the whole concept. Of course, given my inability to do even the simplest Sunday School project, I’m easily impressed. Glue sticks, contstruction paper, and crayons are decidedly not my bailiwick. In fact, if I submitted an entry (and, yes, I realize that would be a major conflict of interest that might get me defrocked), I would have found an old shoe box and labeled it “The Empty Tomb.” That’smy level of giftedness when it comes to crafts.

So, here I sit surrounded by these pictures (I’m getting some odd looks from other patrons). We’ve got the usual array of Noah’s Ark scenes, the Three Wise Peeps, Peepacost and, for some reason, more than one scene depicting the binding of Isaac (Peep sacrifice should be illegal). Ben and Zack picked out their favorites this morning at the breakfast table.  But as the impartial (celebrity) judge that I am, I must set aside their preferences and let the judging begin.

First, I will put on my judicial wig and try not to be too wigged out by Jesus’ command to “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”


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