Art Quiver

aq-logoThis isn’t my usual blogging fare, but I want to encourage you to check out my brother Matt’s new venture: Art Quiver. AQ is an online art site with the slogan “Art world, meet the web. Art lovers, rejoice.” It just went live this month.

Prior to starting Art Quiver, Matt worked as the VP for marketing at Rosetta Stone, the language learning software company. Actually he joined them very early on, when they were a tiny company, and was a part owner until they sold to a larger company a couple of years ago. You know those Rosetta Stone kiosks you see in airports and malls? Matt’s idea. Which is slightly annoying to me since every time I see one I have to think of my younger brother.

Here’s an added bonus available only to readers of this blog (and anyone else with opposable thumbs): If you purchase anything on Art Quiver you’ll automatically get a $50 discount ($100 off purchases over $800). Simply click this link (or copy and paste it) for the automatic discounts to be applied upon checkout: The offer expires on April 30th.

The technology on the site is pretty amazing. It’s basically an online art gallery with all sorts of ways to search based on your personal preferences. I’ve offered to be one of the featured artists on the site — I could do some amazingly abstract art if given canvas, paint, and a few brushes. At least as long as “abstract” is a euphemism for “horrible lack of talent.” Matt hasn’t taken me up on this yet.


One Comment on “Art Quiver”

  1. This is fabulous. I have heard nothing but great reviews from your site. If I can figure out how to wrap my brain around the procedure I would be very honored to be a part of this venture.

    Great job,
    Rebecca Carey

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