episcopeep1There’s just something about the Peep. The combination of Yellow #5, sticky marshmallow, and a vaguely bird-like shape is strangely compelling. I have a fascination with Peeps in the same way I’m enamored with Elvis, Spam, and RVs. Plus they’ve become a uniquely American symbol of our Lord’s resurrection (yes, that sound you hear is Jesus spinning in his empty grave).

It’s easy enough to get a Peep fix on the internet: there are literally hundreds of websites devoted to these multi-colored siamese quintuplets. Think I’m kidding? Just click here for a gigantic list of Peep links. You’ll find answers to any possible Peep question — like “I wonder what a Peep looks like when it’s microwaved?” or “What happens to a Peep if it’s left soaking in chocolate milk for 24 hours?”

I’ve had Peeps on the brain ever since my friend Sharon Tillman, Communications Director for the Diocese of Maryland, asked me to be a celebrity judge for their “All God’s Peeps” contest. Now, granted, Sharon needs some remedial education on the definition of “celebrity.” But they are holding the first ever (I mean ever in the history of the entire world) contest for people to create Peep-based dioramas of Bible stories.

This is brilliant! What better way to combine the Lenten discipline of reading Scripture with the best-known secular symbol of Easter. I’m not sure how I’d feel seeing a Peep nailed to a cross but I say bring it on. Oh, and if you win? The grand prize is a Lennox china Peep.



3 Comments on “EpiscoPeep”

  1. Mary W. Cox says:

    I can’t decide whether Sharon is a genius with a truly heaven-sent inspiration or has completely taken leave of her senses! But I can’t wait to see all of these Peep-shows on her website.

  2. Pardon me for the orthopraxy but Peeps are supposed to be YELLOW and shaped like peeps, not bunnies, hearts, or anything else. These obscenities provide clear and convincing evidence for the total decline of civilization. Harummph.

  3. Father Tim says:

    Well, Peeps are just like Post-It Notes in that regard — they should always be yellow. Purple or green Post-Its are an abomination. But far be it from me to stand in the way of “progress.”

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