Bunny Slasher

bunnyI didn’t have anything to do with slashing this poor woman’s five-foot tall inflatable Easter bunny. I swear!

I have an alibi. I was running my church’s Wednesday Night Lenten Program last night. I have witnesses! And a parish full of lawyers!

I can’t deflate these things by telekenesis. And believe me I’ve tried. All Advent long I tried to deflate giant blow-up Snowmen and Christmas Shreks by staring hard at them in horrified disbelief. But it never worked. So don’t blame me. I was just an innocent, if disapproving, bystander. Here’s the article in this morning’s local paper.


2 Comments on “Bunny Slasher”

  1. What? There isn’t a line around the block of people willing to confess to this much-needed crime?

  2. Father Tim says:

    Hmmm. What’s the opposite of a crime against humanity? A crime for the GOOD OF humanity?

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