Going Down

Okay, folks, it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations. I’ve been patient with you; I didn’t nag (much) around the two traditional times to take them down, Epiphany (January 6) and Candlemas/Ground Hog Day (February 2). But it’s time.

I realize it’s 11 degrees outside so the idea of pulling out a metal ladder is unappealing. (I recommend wearing gloves so that your hands don’t become permanently affixed to the third and sixth rungs). But nothing says lazy quite as much as brown garland adorning your white picket fence. It’s Lent. So look at it as a Lenten discipline if you must.

I may be particularly sensitive to this because I continue to run outside year-round. I know, for instance, that six of my neighbors still have Christmas wreaths on their front doors. My running partner, Father Patrick, gets tired of me pointing out all of these seasonal violations. But my vigilance does make the time go by faster.

I read in the local paper this morning that a teenager was arrested for “slashing” an Easter decoration in his neighborhood. I wouldn’t resort to that (and I have an alibi). But it does beg the question: What’s worse? Christmas or Easter lawn ornaments during the penitential season of Lent? Hmmmm.

But please, at least get the wilted brown wreath off your garage.

There. I said my piece. Now I really should go take down the icicle lights from my front porch.


4 Comments on “Going Down”

  1. Father Tim says:

    From Mary Cox. Enjoy!

    You have inspired me…to this:

    O Christmas tree upon the lawn,
    I think your time is past.
    It’s Lent–let fripperies begone;
    austerely we should fast.

    Look, folks, it’s ONLY 40 days
    to exercise decorum.
    the wreaths, the garlands, lights that blaze–
    all other times, I’m for ’em.

    You’ll soon be decked with flowers of spring;
    in Lent, declare vacation
    from hanging up a single thing
    by way of decoration.

  2. Just as long as they don’t put up BUNNIES instead for Easter!

  3. Sharon says:

    I have my source that told me about your icicle lights, mister…! And just so you know, JC (finally!) took our lights down yesterday. Although you couldn’t see them from the road, it just annoyed me every time I was outside waiting for the school bus! I totally agree with you about this – nothing worse than seeing tired, sad Christmas decorations in March!

  4. Father Tim says:

    Yeah, well, tell you “source” that I’ll get to it eventually. I’m waiting for the convergence of two events: a warm day combined with the end of mud season. If I try to get on the ladder now, I’d sink 3 feet into the muddy abyss and would be unable to reach the lights. So the icicle lights remain. In my defense, we took them off the timer on Epiphany. Though if I plug them back in on April 12th, perhaps they’d make beautiful Easter lights.

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