Pretty in Green?

greenHave you heard that green is the new color of Valentine’s Day? I know 40 is the new 30, and that works for me, but this is ridiculous. I’m not a big pink advocate — though I did own a pink button-down in the ’80’s straight out of The Preppy Handbook. Call me a traditionalist but I just don’t want anyone drawing green hearts for me. Not that they would.

The only reason I’m aware of this is because a mom I know went to five stores before she finally found the pink M&Ms her daughter wanted to give to her fellow kindergartners.  Why did the color change? Because Mars Inc., the company that produces M&Ms, deemed it thus.

Anyone who grew up in the 70’s or ’80’s heard the rumors about green M&Ms. They were said to have special, um, powers. Like oysters. Mars, of course, is playing on this theme with their green M&M vixen. And not that I’m becoming a member of the Moral Majority but isn’t that the wrong message to be sending kids? We do celebrate romantic love on Valentine’s Day but a large portion of the revelers are elementary-school aged kids. For them it is, and should be, all about the free candy. They’ll surely get into the other stuff soon enough.

Here’s what Mars is saying: “By proclaiming green the new color of love, M&M’S® is spinning a traditional Valentine’s Day treat into something fun and flirty,” stated Michele Kessler, vice president, marketing, Mars Snackfood US. “Consumers will be delighted with our sweet and sassy Ms. Green as she encourages Americans to support green as the new color of love and we elevate the myth behind green M&M’S!”

That’s just a bit creepy don’t you think? But I guess it could be worse. Like if they delve into liturgical colors and try to make pink the new color of Lent.


2 Comments on “Pretty in Green?”

  1. Mary W. Cox says:

    Mars has just spoiled the whole green M&M mystique by insisting on it. The fun, for everyone 12 years old and up, was in giggling over what green M&Ms were RUMORED to do. Maybe I’m just showing my age, but being blatant is not nearly so intriguing as subtlety. Long live good old green M&Ms without the tarty green vamp!

  2. “just a bit creepy”? Aren’t you the master of understatement. Admirable parenting though, schlepping around to find pink M&Ms.

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