Super Crank

Get it? Super BOWL?

Get it? Super BOWL?

The Super Bowl makes children Super Cranky the next day. The Pittsburgh public schools were opening on a two-hour delay this morning. I think that should become a universal proclamation. At least in years where the game goes down to the wire. How could I, as a responsible father, have possibly told the kids to go to sleep when the winning touchdown was scored with 35 seconds left? But Monday morning and a bedtime pushing 11 pm makes for a poisonous combination.

On morning like these I’m tempted to change the words of the classic Rick James song “Super Freak” to “Super Crank.”  “The boys are super cranks; the boys are super cranks; they are super cranky.” Because that pretty much sums it up .

It was worth it though. They’ll be fine once they get to school and can brag about being all0wed to stay up to watch the whole game. Of course homework time could be a disaster this afternoon. I may need to take a nap to prepare myself. 

We did have a nice time yesterday — hung out with friends who just happen to have a big screen TV. And make no mistake; Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday. You can debate what that says about American culture. But I’d support legislation making it a three-day weekend. Why not? It would prevent all those people from having to call in “sick” on Super Bowl Monday. And I’m all for anything that would reduce my own household’s crank factor.


7 Comments on “Super Crank”

  1. I get such a kick out of reading about your family. And so grateful to have cats who don’t need to do homework.

  2. Father Tim says:

    And presumably no dog to eat said homework.

  3. Fr. Patrick Ward says:

    Ah… Superbowl Sunday- American civil religion at its finest!

  4. Solange says:

    Uh, technically, I believe it is not a bowl but a krater. Just to be pedantic.

    Just off the plane, returning from Executive Council, only marginally interested in the game but very interested in Bruce Springsteen’s turn, I flip on the TV just about two minutes before that guy Harrison’s 100-yard touchdown run. I couldn’t believe it. Guys were *bouncing* off him and he dragged two of them across the goal line! After Bruce, I turned it off figuring anything else was anticlimactic.

  5. Father Tim says:

    I figure anything out of which I can eat Raisin Bran classifies as a bowl. Granted I’d need a long spoon.

    And the amazing thing about this Super Bowl was that it only became MORE exciting! Great game. Annoying outcome but great game.

  6. David says:

    Oh, that’s why no one was at Evensong and Benediction Sunday?

  7. Father Tim says:

    Yup. Which is precisely why I always put the Super Bowl on the church calendar. Cranmer must be rolling in his grave.

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