Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy

Pensive or Pissed?

Pensive or Pissed?

For those of you who have long wondered what I look like in makeup (and I seriously hope that’s nobody), the answer has arrived. My appearance on the FaithStreams Book Club was just posted. You can access the five minute video by clicking here.

I shared my photo shoot experience in an earlier blog postand now you can see the finished product. Actually we shot two of these and the second one will get uploaded onto FaithStreams late next week.

Growing up in the late 1970’s I always thought that my makeup debut would be as a member of the band Kiss. That didn’t happen and then they even stopped wearing makeup altogether. If you’ve ever seen Gene Simmons’ reality show “Family Jewels” you know this was not a good career move. More recently, I thought it might come as a metrosexual. But I don’t even wear gel in my hair, let alone go in for the occasional pedicure.

Anyway, enjoy the video hosted by veteran “hoster” Timberly Whitfield. And, yes, I know the opening shot makes me look like I’m slouching. I guess I was trying to show just how relaxed I was. Or perhaps I was slouching.


3 Comments on “Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy”

  1. padremambo says:

    Good job! Fun!

  2. Timberly says:

    I thought you were awesome! And, still believe we DO need our own show on Oprah’s new network!

  3. Father Tim says:

    Yeah. I must have missed her call. Did she call you yet?? Father Tim, Dr. Phil…what’s the difference?

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